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Office Hours


Office Hours:
Tuesday - Friday
7:00 am - 5:30 pm

Surgery Drop Off:
Dogs & Cats: 7:30 am
(by appointment only)

Surgery Release:
Dogs: 1:30 pm
Cats: 4:00 pm

Services are "out-patient" only,
no overnight stays are permitted.

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Our Location


We are located BEHIND
Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary
at 425 Covington Avenue
in Thomasville, Georgia.

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Low Cost Fees


$60 - CATS
$75 - DOGS (40 lbs and under)
$85 - DOGS (41-60 lbs)
$95 - DOGS (61-80 lbs)

$110 - DOGS (over 80 lbs)

Documentation of current rabies vaccination is required, or there
will be an additional $10 fee for vaccination with surgery.

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Tips for Owners


  •      •  DO NOT give any medications by mouth or topically two days before surgery unless approved by our
             veterinarian. This includes heartworm and flea prevention. If your pet is on any special medication,
             please let the clinic know when you bring in your pet.



     •  If the animal normally stays outdoors, he/she must stay inside the evening before surgery.




     • Your pet should eat a small snack in the morning. For Cats, we suggest feeding you cat
        about 1/4 of its normal breakfast, about a spoonful of food is enough. For small breeds of
        dogs, a few kibbles of food is enough; for large breeds, do not exceed 1/2 cup of food and
        be sure your pet has water available.


     •  Pediatric animals (4 months or younger) should have food available until 6:00 am on the morning
        of surgery. This is to avoid decreased blood sugar levels.



     •  Check in time for dogs and cats is at 7:30 am. Please allow yourself 30 minutes in the morning
         to fill out paperwork and to check in your animal.


     •  When you arrive please leave your pet in the car and come inside first to complete the required
        paperwork .


     •  If your pet is up-to-date on their rabies vaccination, you must provide a valid rabies certificate.
        A rabies tag is not sufficient proof.


     •  All dogs must be on a leash and cats in a carrier. Only one cat per carrier; if there is more than one
        cat in a carrier you will be prompted to purchase a cardboard carrier for $5.00.


     •  If you bring your cat in a carrier, line the inside with newspaper or a small towel. Remove any
        collars, toys, and dishes from the carrier.


     •  Remove any flea/tick collars.


     •  Walk your dog before bringing them to the clinic. They will be in cages all day long. If your dog is not
        good-natured around other dogs, cats, or people a muzzle is required.


    •  If you are late for your apppointment a late fee may be charged and you may be asked to reschedule
       your appointment for a different day.



     •  Each animal will receive a pre-operative physical exam to make sure that they are a good candidate
         for surgery.


     •  If your pet is too fractious to handle or if it is a feral cat, a physical exam will be done under


     •   If the animal has a lot of fleas, it will be given a Capstar®. This is a pill that kills fleas within
         30 minutes and lasts 24 hours. There will be an extra $5.00 charge for this and you will be notified
         if you need to pay any additional fees at the time of pick up.

     •  If your pet shows any sign of illness or there are any concerns (such as age, heart murmur,
        severe upper respiratory infection, obesity, food in stomach) we may refuse surgery if we feel it is
        a health risk to the animal.





     •  Your pet will go home the same day.

     •  Please be prepared to pick up your pet at a designated time with your payment ready.

     •  Dissolvable sutures are used, so there should be no need to bring the animal back to the clinic.


     •  PICK UP TIME FOR DOGS IS 1:30 pm


     •  PICK UP TIME FOR CATS IS 4:00 pm



Thank you for being a responsible pet owner! Remember your pet has undergone a major surgery and should be cared for carefully and monitored regularly. Follow these instructions on how to care for your pet after picking it up from the clinic.

    •  KEEP YOUR PET INDOORS in a warm, dry, quiet area.

    •  Do not allow the animal to lick, bite, or scratch the stitches or surgery area. If your pet begins to
        lick or bother the surgery site and it becomes red and irritated, we recommend that you
        purchase an e-collar to prevent the animal from reopening the incision.

    •  Provide plenty of water for your pet but only give them a small portion of food that night. Many
        animals will not eat right away but their appetite will return the following day.

    •  Keep the incision clean. Do not allow dirt near the surgical area as this could cause infection.
       There may be minimal drainage for males who had a scrotal castration, but this should not last
       more than three days.

    •  Do not allow your dog in water or bathe it for two weeks. Dogs should be walked on a leash outside
       and not allowed to roam freely.

    •  Keep your pet inside for seven days and confined to a quiet warm room. Do not allow him/her to play
       with other pets or children. No running, jumping, climbing, or any other strenuous activity.

    •  If healing is not complete in seven days then you should contact a veterinarian.

    •  We only use dissolvable sutures. There should be no need for a follow up visit.

    •  Do not give your pet any medication during the recovery period unless instructed by a veterinarian.



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